Conceptone element, infinite possibilities
ATMOSFERA has invented and produced ONE element which can form many usable items. By combining and stacking the same element, it’s possible to assemble a large number of functional objects such as: armchair, chair, chaise, table, bench, partition, hanger etc. The fact that there is a large number of combinations to be compiled, allows for innovation on the part of the assembler. We designed such an element and we called it boomerang. Boomerang is, therefore, also fun. ONE is fun !

boomerang furniture is protected through valid patent (WIPO). Two patents are protected: for single element and for assembled combinations; Chairs, Lounge Chairs, Tables, Low Tables, Chaise Longue, Benches, etc. All rights holds ATMOSFERA from EU.


The product is lightweight, convenient to handle and can be used an infinite number of times. It is multifunctional, safe and easy to maintain. Using the product can be illustrated by a simple graphical representation.


Form and function of the product is suited to human use. It was designed to provide ergonomic employment in all positions. It is made of 100% natural oak wood. Furniture made of boomerangs is very pleasant to touch and creates a natural balance between a person and an object.


Apart from being made from quality materials, the main quality of this product is its easy assembly and disassembly–transformation from the set of basic elements into objects of everyday use, as needed. If someone is no longer interested in an armchair, he can simply rearrange it into a table or a bench, and so on. The product is sized and shaped to be firm, strong, durable, multifunctional and aesthetically interesting. Structure, form and major functions define the final product. The assumption is extremely high durability, which is a fundamental property of our source materials: oak and stainless steel.

In addition to the immediate practical purpose, the product offers:
1st Playful possibilities of use: combinatorics.
2nd In case of damage, each element is easily replaceable with a new one.
3rd Undiscovered possibilities!


Ecological compatibility
This product is 100% recyclable. We use the best quality oak tree, which is a renewable material. Wood preservation is done with oil. Fittings are made of stainless steel – inox. The production technology is modern and energy consumption is very low compared to quality and durability of the final product.


Peripherals of the Product
Boomerang elements occupy very little space during transport or when they are put away. Integration of products into the environment is possible in both the interior and the exterior. Packaging and disposal issues are resolved by the use of cardboard / paper packaging.

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